Portfolio of David Parrish-Hill
life and bikes in the happy valley

I grew up outside Boston, MA. Moved to Boston to live and go to art school. Hated being a starving artist and discovered design as a way to make a living and be creative. This worked out really well for a while. An old friend came to visit one day and he talked me into moving to Seattle ( well, it didn't really take much ).

I moved to Seattle and discovered Flash and awesome mountain biking. Light bulbs went off and interactive media was what I wanted to do ( and biking ). Moved to SF to escape the rain and be able to ride my bike all the time. Did design stuff for some really cool little design agencies.

The call of the East Coast became too much and I moved back to Boston and still biked year-round and worked for more cool design agencies big and small. Made Flash games for a Cambridge, MA company. The iPhone killed Flash. I got into mobile and UX/UI and then back to games and coding. Moved to the country with my wife, 2 cats and a dog where we now live and work next to a stream. More UX/UI and more coding. I still ride and race my bikes but now also walk in the woods, play in the stream, do UX/UI and design and build stuff.