Game Design

My Roles

SessionM is a mobile rewards startup that helps companies make loyalty decisions based on customer data. I was contacted by one of their founders to help craft the initial product release. At the start of SessionM, games were a way to differentiate us from our competition and were also loved by our network. As the games became more complex I spearheaded the move to bring the development of them in-house and decided upon the Phaser frameworks to build these games. As I was part of the design team and also the developer of the games we were able to raise the bar of our design and better iterate game ideas. This move saved 50% in development time and allowed for more intricate games. Designed as mobile first they do also play on the desktop. The interactive games have engagement rates from 70 - 90% percent and a click-through rate up to 88%.

One of our more successful experiences was creating adver-games for many Fortune 200 companies. And Dave has been key to the success. He was able to take the teams design, interaction ideas, and build out engaging experiences that our clients loved. He is a great team player, with great ideas and curiosity that is necessary in the hectic, fast pace start-up world.
--Steven Spiridakis, Creative Director, SessionM