UX/UI Design

My Role

At SystemOne we move critical health data in real-time and improve global health by providing the right information to the right people in the right form. Our platform provides insight into disease patterns and treatment outcomes and has reported 1.5 million results to users in over 40 countries. My role is a product designer of apps and web-apps that allow clinicians and other stakeholders to view data generated from testing devices, including test results and device operational data.


  • Designed an Android app to allow clinicians and other users to receive vital test results in real-time in remote rural areas of developing nations. Worked with an outside development team to assure timeliness and accuracy of the final product.
  • Continuous improvement of systemOne web-based software product based on feedback and usability research
  • In one study a 28% improvement of patient outcome was achieved. ROI is hard to determine but has been estimated at 5-10K per patient that did not contract TB