My Role

VUI is a startup working to create a voice-enabled assistant that can be put onto any website or mobile app. I was brought in to be their UX designer creating personas, user journeys and the visual designs and prototypes that go along with creating a product. Cloud based tools were a major asset to our distributed team for getting buy-in across areas of expertise. The first visualizations of the product were created through Sketch and prototypes in Like all startups, being a jack of all trades was a big part of the job; coding for Wordpress, designing portals, websites, infographics, and all other creative elements that go along with a growing company.

The Problem

The main question was; How should we display (and if we should display) what the users are saying and how do we show their requested items.

The Solution

The original product was very chatbot like which was problematic both from the user experience side and business product differentiation. As we used and showed the product, My belief was that the conversation transcript needed to be sublimated and the products should be the main focus. The transcript could be accessed but the main view was always of your requests.